Artist Statement


As a photographer, I am a witness to my time, I am a presence, a conscience, a creator, and an author. It is my intention to make those who view my photographs aware of that reality, to transform them in present witnesses of my time.

When I do photography, I see how the light, in its deadly battle with darkness, describes lines, points, textures, contrasts, tonalities, colors, spaces, environments, shapes and figures that reveal the human condition, showing the abnormal within the “normal”, the especial in the simple, the surprising in the quotidian, and the deep significance found in the apparently insignificant.

I do documentary photography, as an act of love and solidarity with those most vulnerable in society. I think that Photography has the moral obligation to help raise individual and collective awareness about the need of a social, political and economic paradigm shift, in which the human being should take the place that money currently occupies as the central axis of our values.

With my photography I want to raise awareness, solidarity, and love, as fundamental values that serve as weapons to future generations to battle against cynicism, indifference, dehumanization.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed”